Plant Health and Quarantine

Living plants, wood packaging material and other plant products can be the pathway for the introduction and spread of harmful organisms like insects, micro-organisms or invasive plants. In many cases newly introduced pests threaten agriculture and natural environments. Therefore Germany like other States applies phytosanitary measures in international trade to prevent the introduction or spread of organisms harmful to plants.

This web page provides specific import and export related information on Germany’s phytosanitary measures. It includes inter alia the reporting obligations of Germany according to the International Plant Protection Convention ( IPPC).

The Institute for National and International Plant Health ( Institute for Plant Health) is responsible for the content and administration of this web page. At national level we work closely with the  Federal Ministry of Food and Agriculture of Germany and the plant protection services of the German federal states. On international level we cooperate with the EC Commission, bodies of the EU Member States and other international organizations in the field of Plant Health.

Specific advice on import or export requirements is provided by the  plant protection services of the German federal states.

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